Tip Off: TBA

6 player roster

Location: Robert King High (7025 W. Flager St)

From: 7:00pm to 10:30pm

Registration: Mondays & Thursday @ Kendall Soccer Park from 7pm to 10:30pm

or over the phone 786-344-1855


All Registration fee's include the following:

1. 10 Game Season followed by Double Elimination Playoff System

        Competitive Division: ($250 per team plus $25 dollar referee fees per game)

    • This division consists of players/teams that have solid fundamental skills and knowledge of the game. These players/teams are competitive and may have been playing for several years.


    Couch Potato Division: ($250 per team plus $25 dollar referee fees per game )


      This division is for teams who play for the fun of the game and this division also includes players/teams that are just starting out.


 ***All divisions are subject to evaluation by the RED ZONE SPORTS committee and can be changed at anytime.***

League Champions Will Receive:

  1. 1. Team Trophy
  2. 2. Championship Shirts
  3. 3. Free League Registration
  4. 4. Bags
  5. 5. Shorts

Finalist Will Receive:

  1. 1. Half off league registration
  2. 2. Team Trophy


      Season Info:

  1. 1.Every season will have 10 games of season play, followed by double elimination  playoffs.  We will try our best to accommodate every team's requests on schedule.
  2. 2.BALLERS BATTLE will have 1 referees and 1 score/stat keeper on each court of play.
  3. 3.All games will have two 13 minute halves. There will have 2 timeouts per game.
  4. 4.All Top position awards will be awarded before the start of playoff games.
  5. 5.One Weekly MVP will be selected per division.
  6. 6.The league registration fee is $210.00 per team, plus you will be required to pay $25 in referee fees before each game.
  7. 7.All teams are required to be in team uniform each week. Any team who is not in uniform will have 2 points awarded to the opposing team at the beginning of the game.  This means that they will start the game down by 2 points!!