Jorge Cascudo

Birth Date: 5/19/72

Position: Quarterback

Years Experience: 18 years

Football Number: 13

Teams: Sting, Sting City & Goose Crew

"Jorge has been winning as a quarterback since the inception of 4-on-4 flag football.  The field general's game has evolved throughout the years from an elite quarterback to legendary status." 


Emilio Miralles

Birth Date: 6/14/71

Position: Quarterback

Years Experience: 20 years

Football Number: 8

Team: In The Zone

"Emilio is known to compete with four guys he found at the football field and still would come out as the victor.  Where some individuals determined a game as an early defeat, Emilio always had the fuel of determination to win at the end."


Carlos Fontela

Birth Date: 6/11/77

Position: Quarterback/ Safety

Years Experience: 19 years

Football Number: 12

Team: All Td's

"If you build the perfect quarterback from scratch, then he would sustain all of the quality attributes of Carlos Fontela.  He not only understands how to win, but excels in moments of pressure through his ability to lead in times of heated battle."


Pedro "Peewee" Gonzalez

Birth Date: 12/22/76

Position: Wide Receiver / Defensive Back

Years Experience: 18 years

Football Number: 2

Team: All Td's

"If there was a player to change the game in a moment's time, then Pee Wee's name would always come up in conversation. His glory was in victory where in most cases he prevailed as the last man standing."


John Castro

Birth Date: 11/3/77

Position: Quarterback

Years Experience: 20

Football Number: 27

Teams: Rubber Ducks, Total Domination & Of Course!!

“John Castro, aka “Mr. Jack of all Trades.” He is the Swiss knife of flag football with his capability of playing multiple positions at a high level.  Castro is the person you want on the field when the game is on the line.”


Tim Callahan

Birth Date: 2/24/81

Position: Center

Years Experience: 15 Years

Football Number: 22

Team: Rocky Top


"Irreplaceable, Dependable, Mr. Clutch.... Tim had the bloodline of a general on the football field and now a man with a higher purpose in life."